Distance education and Intellectual Property.

Why do they need to come together?We are living in a context in which we need to think about the reasons why intellectual property and distance education (DE) need to come together. On March 18, 2020, the Ministry of Education authorized the replacement of on-site classes with distance education to prevent the transmission of coronavirus […]

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The Madrid Protocol and its Implications on Intellectual Property

Since October 2nd, 2019, the Madrid Protocol is effective, and this means many opportunities for the Intellectual Property Area and for companies/law firms performing or intending to perform in the international market.What does, in fact, Brazil’s adhesion to the Madrid Protocol mean? This means that the country integrates an international treaty called the Madrid Protocol, […]

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Pharmaceutical Industry: Medicinal Cannabis and Patents

Just before we entered the world pandemic stage with the coronavirus, one of the hot topics in the health area was medicinal cannabis. The evolution of the theme must be watched closely by the Intellectual Property professionals, for good opportunities can still be seen in this segment.After several public consultations and a long way from […]

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Intellectual property and entertainment in the age of streaming

Intellectual property and entertainment gained new dynamics with the way the content of streaming video and audio services have won the public. This crossover between producers’ copyrights and the digital world, as well as the entry of new players with new business models in this market, bring great challenges and open a promising field of work for intellectual property.On the one hand, […]

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Technology and health: check the innovations that are transforming this field

Technology and health is a hot topic especially for the moment we are living in, when everyone is afflicted and pays attention to innovations and inventions that can bring some relief and improvement to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Will there soon be an efficient and safe vaccine? Will we find a way to treatment? A fast and reliable solution for testing the […]

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In the early 1990s, the fast development of computers with processors capable of delivering better performance and increased storage capacity contributed to the onset of the so-called “information economy”. Rewards of the information society are easily found through smartphones, computers and information technology systems increasingly present in small, medium and large-size companies (MAYER-SCHÖNBERGER; CUKIER, 2013, […]

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Intellectual Property in Covid-19 times: protecting creations is important

Intellectual property in Covid-19 times has been a busy area of law. As soon as the pandemic has gained worldwide proportions, in addition to the evident public health problems, other types of disorders and a reorganization of people’s way of life, companies and science spare no effort to create solutions in record time. Even with […]

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With the high number of companies that noticed on the Internet a strong growing market and with quick profit, it gave rise to a new problem, “piracy” of brands through of domain names. The media always end up spreading the most controversial cases and the stories involving famous companies in litigation to be able to […]

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Fashion and technology: brands reinvent themselves in the market during quarantine with fabrics that promise to act against the covid-19

Santaconstancia, Lupo, Liquido and Track & Field are some of the brands that already use the Amni Virus-Bac OFF thread in their collections, developed by Rhodia, which inactivates the action of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus through the fabric. Malwee, in partnership with the Swiss chemical industry CHT, announces that its clothes effectively kill the new coronavirus, […]

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If your trademark has already been given the feature of unquestionable reputation in Brazil, it will have special protection in any social class. The “Highly Renowned Institute”, states that “the trademark in Brazil deemed to be highly renowned shall be afforded special protection, in all fields of activity”, without mentioning the existence of a separate […]

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