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Areas of expertise


The litigation department is responsible for legal assistance in the field of Intellectual Property, which includes trademarks, patents, industrial designs, computer programs, repression of unfair competition, trade dress, and also in the areas of copyright, digital law, law of fashion, personality law and advertising. It has a team composed of professionals with high legal knowledge, strategic vision and vast experience in litigation in these areas, being responsible for the filing and monitoring of legal actions in the civil and criminal scope, before all courts and instances


Specialized professionals advice the client in various areas of Copyright Law, promoting the presentation of registration applications, including software, to the competent bodies, drafting and analyzing contracts, which are key regulatory instruments of relations between the author, the assignee and other businesses involving copyrights, and presenting proposals to combat copyright infringement in any form.

Digital Law

Professionals specialized in new technologies provide advice under the Digital Law in matters involving from registration of domain names in Brazil and abroad to Intellectual Property right violations on the Internet, including operations through alternative systems of conflict solution between distinctive signs and domain names, as well as adopting of inappropriate content withdrawal measures, among others.


David do Nascimento has extensive experience in patent and trademark registration processes and has in his portfolio large national and multinational companies operating globally. In addition to being part of the International IP Associations, it works in conjunction with offices in Europe, the USA, Asia and South America.

Patents and Industrial Designs

Providing advice to individuals and companies, both domestic and foreign, in Brazil and abroad, the office has a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technically trained industrial property agents to meet the diverse areas of engineering: mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, biotechnological and pharmaceutical – plus the industrial design area in all respects.

This work, which demands high level of expertise and experience, ranges from the development of previous registration searches, preparation of new orders, deposit and monitoring of national and foreign orders, payment of annuities and five-year periods, surveillance and control, to the development of technical opinions and bringing of specific actions provided for in the Brazilian Industrial Property Law.


With over 45-year experience in Trademark area, the office has clients in Brazil and abroad, where it is supported by members of recognized standing and agility. In this area, experienced lawyers and Industrial Property agents are dedicated to the development of searches, preparation of deposits and or tracking, monitoring and control of holders’ and third parties’ trademarks, development of opinions, oppositions, appeals and administrative nullity, and other measures necessary for obtaining and maintaining trademark rights.


Department specializing in the adoption of civil and criminal measures relating to the fight against piracy and intellectual property violations. Our team has its own professionals to research and is responsible for the execution and full monitoring of seizures made against importers, manufacturers, distributors, formal, informal and electronic commerce, also acting at ports and airports, as well as the organization of seizures in shows, fairs and other events.

Our team often promotes the dialogue with local, state and federal authorities for discussion and presentation of useful information related to strategic enforcement programs.

Technology Transfer and Franchising

Since 1970, the office monitors and participates actively in the subject having broad qualification for the provision of services related to this matter, such analysis and drafting of contracts of license for use of trademarks, patents, technical, assistance, know-how, franchise and the like; Preparation of Opinions; Registrations at the Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property; Drafting of Franchise Offer Letters (COF) and legal assistance to franchisors and franchisees.

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