Technology and health: check the innovations that are transforming this field

Por Dra. Adriana do Valle Garotti

Technology and health is a hot topic especially for the moment we are living in, when everyone is afflicted and pays attention to innovations and inventions that can bring some relief and improvement to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Will there soon be an efficient and safe vaccine? Will we find a way to treatment? A fast and reliable solution for testing the mass population? Powerful respirators at reduced costs?
Possibly, the answers to these questions will come from science and technology. It is important to emphasize that the technologies from health area are a fertile field for intellectual property area. It is essential that these inventions become popular to save more lives and it is also essential that their inventors have legal support to reap the results of their work.
Many initiatives already have changed the way of working of health professionals and have given speed and comfort to the recovery of patients. Let us look at some of them:
Artificial intelligence
With a robust database of patients, artificial intelligence can be used to design devices that learn to take care of their specific needs. There are already, for example, applications to monitor diets and times to take medication, which helps the patient to follow the treatment indicated by the doctor and gives the professional information to evaluate future directions.
Robot-assisted surgery
The most sophisticated medical centers around the world have already used robots for surgical procedures. Programmed machines are able to perform surgical interventions with a high degree of precision.
Wearable technologies
Here we are talking about wearable devices that, in direct contact with the user’s body, are able to collect real-time information from patients such as heart rate and blood pressure.
COVID-19 Brazilian Map
A Brazilian startup created the Social Isolation Index to help fight the pandemic. The map shows the percentage, by state, of the population that is observing the isolation recommendation. With it, authorities can direct health, safety and communication resources. To obtain this information, the startup uses technology that understands the localization behavior of 60 million Brazilians, designed not to identify people, ensuring their privacy and anonymity.
Interesting this crossover between technology and health, isn’t it? Good to society and full of opportunities for intellectual property area.

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